I loved working in London. So many fond memories…but of all the jobs I had there, my favourite was at a telcommunications company. It seemed to be a magnet for some interesting characters who liked to have a good time. But we did work hard and put in the hours. One afternoon the entire group decided to head to a local Greek restaurant for what would be a very extended lunch. Not only was the food delicious, but so were the waiters, who entertained us with a great deal of plate smashing. After…


I got lots of ideas in my head once I'm drunk, and my best friend, well at a time he was afraid of an idea of being a parent. Now, his girlfriend was not pregnant, it’s just that he realized that he would be a shitty parent who can't even take care of himself.

So we were drinking one day since morning and I got an idea to tell everyone that he is going to have a kid. He hated me, that whole day there were people coming to congratulate him thinking that he is going to become a father.

At some…


For you cat lovers out there, I'm sure you can relate to this story. When I met my SO, he wasn’t too keen on my three cats. I remember him saying that if he were to move into my flat the cats would have to go. Of course, that was never going to happen, and his attitude changed quite dramatically when he became a slave to my ginger fur lord along with my calico and tabby fur mistresses. About a year after he moved in we decided to spend a long holiday weekend on the Isle of Wight. We figured…


I used to get bored a lot when I was a bit younger. You know, when you are used to going out, drinking and doing all sorts of stupid things, you easily get bored once you're alone at home and don't know what to do with your time.

And you need to do something, because if you don't, you will start thinking, and if you think... well, you might realize what a useless piece of shit you actually are, and nobody wants that.

So, when I was bored I was still getting all sorts of stupid ideas. I almost…


Several years after my first Halloween handout at my condo, I was handing out candy with a friend in another city. We'd done it the previous year with costumes and/or masks and makeup, but this year we wanted to make it memorable. So we went all out with preparation. We downloaded this really hardcore Halloween music and looped it onto an iPad. One of the best parts of the music was a ghoul saying, "I will eat you."  Then we decorated the porch with hanging body parts, spider webs, bats,…


There is a blind man living in my neighborhood. We used to hang out near his house a few years ago and we heard a lot of stories about the guy.

At first, he seemed to be just an old blind man, but soon we realized that there is much more interesting stuff about him.

His son is a heroin addict, and they live in a small house with no power or anything normal. Now, this may sound sad to you, but the guy is crazy. When he was younger he used to drop bombs on companies when they fire him.



We've seen all the movies...we've heard all the stories...but Ouija boards are the real deal? Come on...Or so I thought. Back in the eighth grade I hung out with a friend who had a Ouija board. You always found them in the game aisles of toy stores, so it seemed like something fun to do. One day I was hanging out at her house. We were in her room and by ourselves, so we decided to play. It was something different. What could it hurt?We placed our fingers on the planchette and asked the usual…


Job hunting is a strange experience. The whole idea is that we don our finery and present the possible version of ourselves as though we're cattle at a marketplace, suggesting that any employer will be left wondering just how they managed to run a business without us for as long as they had  

Sady, the reality is that, by the time we make it to an interview, we end up a stammering mess, unable to article the devilishly witty responses we'd been preparing for days 

I say we - it's quite…


Almost every man was sometimes sexually attracted to some of his teachers. It just happens, and you can't blame yourself.

Now, we all know how that goes. When you're a kid, and you think you're a man, you are going to talk about that kind of stuff with your mates all day long.

We were basically bunch of losers at a time. Every day we were hanging out in front of some store because they were selling cheap beer and that was all we needed. It was an ordinary, family store where people were…


I love getting invited to weddings. Free food, free drinks and free entertainment – what’s not to love? 

When my friend invited me to her Aunt’s wedding I was so excited. I went out and bought a new dress, shoes and bag just for the occasion.  Every time we saw each other, we couldn’t stop talking about how excited we were.

Fast-forward to the day of the wedding and things are already not going to plan. 

My friend who had put on a little bit of weight recently discovered that her dress…

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