Well, it is kind of hard when you have to live with a broken heart, but for an idiot like me, it is even harder. And I'm not saying that my problems are bigger than anyone else's, I just don't deal with them. Even worse, I feed them, with alcohol, cigarettes and misery. 

It was back in time when I fell in love with some random girl whom I thought was the love of my life. I'll spare you the story, she wasn't. And once I realized that, I started to drink and live like an animal.

Actually, I…



Once the summer came and the football season was over, there was only one thing that my friends and I could do: drinking till the morning and making fools of ourselves.

There is absolutely no reason for doing that, but again - there is no reason not to. And I can tell you that there is some unique kind of pleasure in recalling things that some of your friends have done last night, and laughing at them once you see them again.

So basically, it was just one more normal night in the same old…


As any other night, I was hanging out with my friends. It was one of those warm summer nights made for spending time by the river, drinking and talking about things that we've talked a million times before.

Just when we thought that this will be a casual night, we found out that one of our best friends needed too much time to come.

We tried to call him, but he was too nervous and kept repeating "Don't call me, I will come, I just need a little more time".

I can say that by that time I was a…