Me and my friends, we are doing some things that nobody can expect from a person to do. We behave badly quite a lot and sometimes people are not prepared for that. I don’t know why it is that way, but I don’t think that anyone should be ashamed to talk about everything in front of the people they don’t know.


So, one day we took a cab to take us from my house to the other side of town. We don’t do that quite often because we like to walk and we hate spending money on things that we cannot…


When I was younger I used to make a lot of bad decisions. I still make them, but at least the ones I make now are making some sense. Luckily for me, my friends were always there with me to do every stupid thing that we can think of.


One day we saw some closed store and one of my friends showed us a lot of old cigarette packs in there. Now, that store was closed for years, and you couldn't buy those cigarettes that we saw anymore, so that was everything we could talk about that night. When…


I got lots of ideas in my head once I'm drunk, and my best friend, well at a time he was afraid of an idea of being a parent. Now, his girlfriend was not pregnant, it’s just that he realized that he would be a shitty parent who can't even take care of himself.

So we were drinking one day since morning and I got an idea to tell everyone that he is going to have a kid. He hated me, that whole day there were people coming to congratulate him thinking that he is going to become a father.

At some…


I used to get bored a lot when I was a bit younger. You know, when you are used to going out, drinking and doing all sorts of stupid things, you easily get bored once you're alone at home and don't know what to do with your time.

And you need to do something, because if you don't, you will start thinking, and if you think... well, you might realize what a useless piece of shit you actually are, and nobody wants that.

So, when I was bored I was still getting all sorts of stupid ideas. I almost…


There is a blind man living in my neighborhood. We used to hang out near his house a few years ago and we heard a lot of stories about the guy.

At first, he seemed to be just an old blind man, but soon we realized that there is much more interesting stuff about him.

His son is a heroin addict, and they live in a small house with no power or anything normal. Now, this may sound sad to you, but the guy is crazy. When he was younger he used to drop bombs on companies when they fire him.



Almost every man was sometimes sexually attracted to some of his teachers. It just happens, and you can't blame yourself.

Now, we all know how that goes. When you're a kid, and you think you're a man, you are going to talk about that kind of stuff with your mates all day long.

We were basically bunch of losers at a time. Every day we were hanging out in front of some store because they were selling cheap beer and that was all we needed. It was an ordinary, family store where people were…


It is my opinion that everybody hates funerals. I certainly do, because all those places where I need to be completely serious are just not made for me.

Now, once you are on the funeral, all you need to do to stay out of radar is not to be the worst. But few years ago when my best friend lost his grandpa I somehow didn't realize that getting drunk before the funeral is not such a good idea.

I admit it, I came there in style. I was dressed like a cowboy although I'm just a punk, and I was so…


You know how sometimes life has a funny way to provide justice? Sometimes you can see it, and sometimes, well, you just don't have a clue.

It was a few years ago, and I didn't wanted to come out of bed so I putted a used condom in pack of cigarettes that my friend left me earlier that day. I know it doesn't make any sense to do that, but you know how laziness can convince you to do unbelievable things.

I certainly do know that. So for some reason, even though everything leaked out of that…


Many people walk through life acting like they are somebody else. But me and my brother, we do that with style.

Every time we see something that we like, we basically become that. Now, you would think that everyone does that sometimes, but believe me, they don't. At least not so extreme.

I still remember that time when my brother started listening to GG Allin. Every week he was getting naked in public and he started to hate everyone. He was prepared to talk about violence for hours to…


I have a band and we had a gig in some godforsaken town a year ago today. I don't know why, but every time that my friends and I go somewhere together everything ends up bad for us.

We started packing early in the morning as we wanted to spend some time in that place before the gig starts. We took a bus and started to drink, because, let’s be realistic, there is no point in going somewhere if you want to be sober.

It was Saturday, and we came just in time to find a place where we can watch a…

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