Before my then-boyfriend and I moved to our flat near Liverpool Street Station, we lived in an older, run-down house that someone my boyfriend's family knew let us live in free as a favor. At the time, I thought it was a good idea because I was still looking for a job and money was tight, and my boyfriend's income wasn't enough for us to find another place. How bad could it be, I asked myself? We could tidy it up a bit if necessary. That is, until we actually moved in and I got a really good…



Once the summer came and the football season was over, there was only one thing that my friends and I could do: drinking till the morning and making fools of ourselves.

There is absolutely no reason for doing that, but again - there is no reason not to. And I can tell you that there is some unique kind of pleasure in recalling things that some of your friends have done last night, and laughing at them once you see them again.

So basically, it was just one more normal night in the same old…


My years in England seemed to pass in a haze of smoky pubs when I was with my then-boyfriend. His family were dedicated pub warriors breaking new records for after-hours drinking,  and thanks to pub owners who were family friends, many a Sunday was spent in the darkened confines of dining rooms recovering from traditional, heavy roast dinners and too many desserts. Unfortunately, I never liked beer and didn't have the stomach for the hard stuff, so I tended to get bored sitting around after so…


I was living in a flat near Liverpool Street Station with my then-boyfriend and my three cats, Shoes, Titus, and Quasi. The place was a three-storey walk-up that had recently been renovated. It was small, but it suited us. We didn't bring much furniture when we moved, which was just as well since there wasn't a lot of space and the stairs were narrow and winding.. Money was tight at the time so rather than than spend money on furniture, I thought it would be a simpler idea to use laundry…


As any other night, I was hanging out with my friends. It was one of those warm summer nights made for spending time by the river, drinking and talking about things that we've talked a million times before.

Just when we thought that this will be a casual night, we found out that one of our best friends needed too much time to come.

We tried to call him, but he was too nervous and kept repeating "Don't call me, I will come, I just need a little more time".

I can say that by that time I was a…


Like most people, I’ve had my fair share of nicknames. And like a lot of people, I got nicknames from my parents. Growing up I always thought that my father would give me a name like they do in the movies. A name like ‘champ’. Or even ‘squirt’. 

But is that what I got? No. I got ‘babe’.

Seriously, what kind of nickname is that for your child? It might be an affectionate name you’d give to your husband or wife and maybe even a baby. But my problem was that I was fifteen years old, six foot…


If you’ve ever lived in or visited the UK you’ll know about the sacred pact that is the quiet car on trains throughout the country. Almost akin to queuing in line and standing on the right on an escalator, or even asking if a guest or visitor would like a cup of tea on entering your house, these silent and unspoked rules more often than not are observed by the British population, with those who choose to rebel subject to a firm tutting.


I’m not one for confrontation; I much prefer a…


I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m a current third year university student, living with 4 housemates. The house is just small enough that we all get in each other’s way, the walls thin enough that even the slightest cough or even footstep can be heard from the other side of the house. Then again, it’s a roof over our heads and for the most part the place is warm, so we could be a lot worse off.


The main downside to the house, apart from the paper thin walls and the ever…


So, the first thing that you have to know about this story is that I’m not a particularly rich guy. I don’t have to struggle scraping rent together every month or anything but I do have to keep an eye on what I spend – it’s not like I’m out buying golden toilet seats or anything.


The second thing that you need to know is that I have a record of buying my wife truly terrible gifts, to the point that she’s requested that I don’t bother anymore.




Flashback to a few years ago, when…


At school I was your typical chubby kid, often the butt of many jokes and pranks. Nothing nasty or vicious, just harmful fun. It was something that stuck with me from primary school right through secondary school. To be fair, it was something I enjoyed. It was better to have a laugh and a joke, even if it was at my expense, than to be bullied.


Brendan was a lad who had been a couple of years above me at primary school and we both had ended up going to the same secondary school, due to our…

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