I’d recently been made redundant after moving into my own house. Due to this my mate Tom offered to move in as a lodger, to help with the bills and ease the financial situation.


I’d not been out of work long before I was offered a new job in a warehouse which was about half an hour away on the bus from the bottom of the road. I felt really positive after getting back into work so quickly, knowing that I’d be financially sound for the foreseeable future.


Anyway, it was the evening…


I can’t drive. I’d had a good number of lessons due to my cousin being an instructor but financial circumstances changed for the worse and I had to knock them on the head. I’m one of these sorts who won’t entertain public transport. It’s either a lift with a friend or a taxi.


One such friend is a lad I’ve known since primary school, so basically from the age of 4 years old onwards. Craig. Now, in school, Craig was a clever guy. He was in the top class for everything and was always…


Like most other people, after hitting the age of 16, I wanted to start earning some money. At that age, paper round wages just don’t cut it anymore when you’re wanting to buy new clothes and spend your weekend getting drunk with friends.


The positive side to this is that most places like taking school leavers and students on due to having to pay them less money. So I set out by applying for loads of jobs online, hoping to get something sorted pretty quickly.


A local supermarket,…

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