I was always close to my dad. He was a quiet, gentle man who kept to himself and never raised his voice. He loved his music, and was very much the clean freak. I can still see him washing his car. He loved that thing, and took care of it like a family member. It had mats on the mats, and every exposed inch was covered. You could have eaten off the floor. It looked as new the day he sold it as the day he bought it. One of my favourite memories was sneaking into my parents’ room when they were out to play CD’s. My dad was beyond obsessive about his music system. Not a speck of dust to be seen, and the CD’s were lined up with laser-like precision. No matter how careful I was, he someone knew when I touched anything. One Christmas I was sneaking around looking for hidden gifts. I was rummaging through my parents’ closet when I decided to snoop around on the top shelf. Imagine my surprise when I looked under some books to find a stack of Playboy and Penthouse magazines! I debated. Do I put them away and pretend I never saw them, or browse through them and pretend I never saw them? Let’s just say that afternoon I checked out some very interesting “articles”!