Job hunting is a strange experience. The whole idea is that we don our finery and present the possible version of ourselves as though we're cattle at a marketplace, suggesting that any employer will be left wondering just how they managed to run a business without us for as long as they had  

Sady, the reality is that, by the time we make it to an interview, we end up a stammering mess, unable to article the devilishly witty responses we'd been preparing for days 

I say we - it's quite…


So, the seven-year anniversary of my time with my partner has just been and gone  Don't panic, this isn't a tale of woe that details the threat of the fabled seven-year itch - we're happier than we've ever been  in order to make the occasion, we were shooting the breeze the other night and I asked her to describe some of her abiding memories of our time together. "What amazing memories we've made!" I was thinking 

Now, as many of you will know, the fastest way to prick the balloon of a man's…


Ah, the humble music festival. It's a rite of passage for countless young people, and being a heavy metal fiend my youth, my teens and twenties were defined by an annual pilgrimage to Donington for the Download Festival. Exciting times!  

Sadly, one such expedition didn't go strictly according to plan  this is the story of how I was never trusted to arrange such an event again 

So, things got to a slightly rocky start when my friend came to collect me at the crack of dawn and interrupted my…


It was a Saturday night like any other - which, at this point of my carefree twentysomething life, meant that it had involved copious amounts of Jack Daniels. You know the kind of evening in question - it was spent bar-hopping around the exotic climes of Romford, ensuring that while I like to imagine that I was smoother than silk the reality was more likely to resemble . Stumbling home after completing my night on the tiles, it was time for an uneventful night of restful sleep and no hangover…


It had been a long time coming, but I’d nailed it – I’d managed to secure a date with a girl from work. I knew she’d succumb to my charms eventually – sometimes you just can’t fight destiny 


Any by charms, I basically mean grinning at her like a loon from across the open plan office  and eventually thinking maybe it might be a good idea to actually go talk to her 


I know, right? Terrifying. Unfortunately, I am very, very old, and this was a time before WhatsApp and Snapchat. Back in…