I love getting invited to weddings. Free food, free drinks and free entertainment – what’s not to love? 

When my friend invited me to her Aunt’s wedding I was so excited. I went out and bought a new dress, shoes and bag just for the occasion.  Every time we saw each other, we couldn’t stop talking about how excited we were.

Fast-forward to the day of the wedding and things are already not going to plan. 

My friend who had put on a little bit of weight recently discovered that her dress…


A few years ago I got invited to a party  I wasn’t interested in going but my friend insisted that I should tag along and be her wing woman 

So, being a good friend, I turned up at the party even though it was the last place I wanted to be 

Seriously, I would have rather been at home watching TV  than be in a room full of strangers getting drunk and rowdy.

I texted my friend to let her know that I was there  but I didn’t get a reply, so I started looking for her. To be honest, I was…


Normally, I wouldn’t agree to go on a blind date. The concept of meeting someone who I haven’t even spoken to is terrifying. 

Yet somehow I got roped into going by a friend who desperately wanted to set me up. 

I guess I didn’t think too much about it. I agreed to go and hoped she wouldn’t mention it ever again. 

But she did.  So, a week later I arrived at a restaurant I’d never been to before, waiting anxiously outside while I debated whether I should call a taxi and go home.   

In my…


There’s always that one person who is known by their nickname. In my friendship group, that would be Unlucky Jack. 

Honestly, it’s been a long time since anyone has called him Jack. I guess it started the day he turned sixteen. He was meeting this girl from online  and they were planning on going ice skating. He told everyone about how he was so excited for this date and we warned him about the dangers of meeting someone online

In truth, we were happy for him because he hadn’t had the best…