So a long time ago, I done a little time in jail (don't hate me). Luckily everyone on our jail wing was pretty chilled out and we had no problems with each other. We had a new guy put onto our wing. This guy was small and we could tell it was his first time inside.

So the next morning we were having our shower, this guy came into the shower butt naked , everyone of us would wear boxers in the shower. Anyways, as we were showering, the new guy dropped his soap and it fell a little bit away from…


Ah, the humble music festival. It's a rite of passage for countless young people, and being a heavy metal fiend my youth, my teens and twenties were defined by an annual pilgrimage to Donington for the Download Festival. Exciting times!  

Sadly, one such expedition didn't go strictly according to plan  this is the story of how I was never trusted to arrange such an event again 

So, things got to a slightly rocky start when my friend came to collect me at the crack of dawn and interrupted my…


It was a Saturday night like any other - which, at this point of my carefree twentysomething life, meant that it had involved copious amounts of Jack Daniels. You know the kind of evening in question - it was spent bar-hopping around the exotic climes of Romford, ensuring that while I like to imagine that I was smoother than silk the reality was more likely to resemble . Stumbling home after completing my night on the tiles, it was time for an uneventful night of restful sleep and no hangover…


I was living in a flat near Liverpool Street Station with my then-boyfriend and my three cats, Shoes, Titus, and Quasi. The place was a three-storey walk-up that had recently been renovated. It was small, but it suited us. We didn't bring much furniture when we moved, which was just as well since there wasn't a lot of space and the stairs were narrow and winding.. Money was tight at the time so rather than than spend money on furniture, I thought it would be a simpler idea to use laundry…


As any other night, I was hanging out with my friends. It was one of those warm summer nights made for spending time by the river, drinking and talking about things that we've talked a million times before.

Just when we thought that this will be a casual night, we found out that one of our best friends needed too much time to come.

We tried to call him, but he was too nervous and kept repeating "Don't call me, I will come, I just need a little more time".

I can say that by that time I was a…


At school I was your typical chubby kid, often the butt of many jokes and pranks. Nothing nasty or vicious, just harmful fun. It was something that stuck with me from primary school right through secondary school. To be fair, it was something I enjoyed. It was better to have a laugh and a joke, even if it was at my expense, than to be bullied.


Brendan was a lad who had been a couple of years above me at primary school and we both had ended up going to the same secondary school, due to our…


I’d recently been made redundant after moving into my own house. Due to this my mate Tom offered to move in as a lodger, to help with the bills and ease the financial situation.


I’d not been out of work long before I was offered a new job in a warehouse which was about half an hour away on the bus from the bottom of the road. I felt really positive after getting back into work so quickly, knowing that I’d be financially sound for the foreseeable future.


Anyway, it was the evening…


Like most other people, after hitting the age of 16, I wanted to start earning some money. At that age, paper round wages just don’t cut it anymore when you’re wanting to buy new clothes and spend your weekend getting drunk with friends.


The positive side to this is that most places like taking school leavers and students on due to having to pay them less money. So I set out by applying for loads of jobs online, hoping to get something sorted pretty quickly.


A local supermarket,…