So a long time ago, I done a little time in jail (don't hate me). Luckily everyone on our jail wing was pretty chilled out and we had no problems with each other. We had a new guy put onto our wing. This guy was small and we could tell it was his first time inside.

So the next morning we were having our shower, this guy came into the shower butt naked , everyone of us would wear boxers in the shower. Anyways, as we were showering, the new guy dropped his soap and it fell a little bit away from him. The biggest guy on the wing, Dwayne (this guy was 6'4 and 230lbs solid muscle) looked over at me and gave me a wink.

He walked up to the new guy and said to him "Ain't you gonna pick up the soap little man?"


The new guy looked at Dwayne like .....................




















We all started laughing raucously and told him we was only playing. Funnily enough, the next new guy who came in he pulled the exact same trick on them.