As any other night, I was hanging out with my friends. It was one of those warm summer nights made for spending time by the river, drinking and talking about things that we've talked a million times before.

Just when we thought that this will be a casual night, we found out that one of our best friends needed too much time to come.

We tried to call him, but he was too nervous and kept repeating "Don't call me, I will come, I just need a little more time".

I can say that by that time I was a bit worried that something bad might have happened to him. But the kind of person he was and the kind of problems he had, all indicated that something hilarious is probably coming. 

A few hours later and there he was coming, all angry and nervous with a face full of pimples. We tried not to die laughing and he did his best not to kill us for doing it.

He started complaining that he tried everything, from simple solutions to expensive meds and nothing worked. He tried everything that he read online and yet he was still looking like a teenager that had contact with a girl for the first time in his life. 

We tried to remember all those things that we used to do when we had the same problem, so one of our friends told him to put a little bit of toothpaste in places filled with pimples, and that should do the job.

Since he never tried that, it was a reasonable thing to do. After all, it can't do any harm, right?

However, finding a solution didn't stop us from making fun of him till the end of the night. Even he himself started making jokes about it once he relaxed. His face never looked like that, so it was a pretty funny scene. 

It really was a great night, but none of us had a clue what's coming next.

The next day we thought about hitting the same spot. We went out earlier since nobody had anything to do all day. We spent a few hours talking, but once again there was no sign of our pimple friend.

We called him again, but this time he was pretty angry. He kept yelling over the phone that we tricked him and that he is going to kill us when he comes.

This time, it was not funny. None of us knew what we did, and none of us had a clue what is going on with him. One long hour was ahead of us, and we could not relax till he came. 

Eventually he arrived, looking at us angry with his face all burned out and red. We couldn't believe our eyes.

"What have you done?" - We asked him while we were laughing our hearts out. 

"I did what you told me to do. I brushed my face with toothpaste. That's what I did! And now it’s all red and burned out" - he yelled. 

"We told you to put a little bit of toothpaste in places filled with pimples. A little bit. Why on earth would you put the whole toothpaste on your face and brush it???" 


He just sat there quietly while we were laughing as hard as we could. You can say whatever you want, but at least he solved his pimple problem.