There is a blind man living in my neighborhood. We used to hang out near his house a few years ago and we heard a lot of stories about the guy.

At first, he seemed to be just an old blind man, but soon we realized that there is much more interesting stuff about him.

His son is a heroin addict, and they live in a small house with no power or anything normal. Now, this may sound sad to you, but the guy is crazy. When he was younger he used to drop bombs on companies when they fire him.

He spent more time in prison than anyone else in my neighborhood. He once even pulled a bomb in police station just because he was drunk enough to do that. And, well, he hated cops.

Now, he's a real outlaw and I really liked a guy. But there was a story that he is not really blind, he only fakes it for fun. And when you watch him, you can see how that actually is a truth.

One day he was walking nearby and I started talking with my friends about him

"You have to hear this; I heard a story that he is not really blind!" - I told my friends

"Now, mate, come on, this is not something you should make fun of."

"No, really, he fakes it all, just look at him, there is no way that he is blind, these are sunglasses that he's wearing for Christ sake, he sees everything!"

"Mate, that is just stupid, why would he fake it?

"Your whole life is fake and you're asking me that kind of question, you bloody moron."

And we started arguing about same nonsense like we do every day. Hours went by before we saw him again and he was coming towards us. He was angry because of everything that I said and he was coming with a bunch of papers.

"Now, which one of you said that I am not blind???"

"We didn't say that." - one of my friends answered

"Bullshit! I heard you saying it!" - he was yelling and pointing at me - "Now, I want you to take this paper and read what is written!"

So I took a paper and started reading some wrong chapter. He took that paper back from my hands and started reading. He read the whole thing to us and it was something from his doctor that is proving that he is blind.

"Here is a paper, read this???" - he pointed to which chapter I should read - "Does it say everything I said??? It does! So don't talk shit about me anymore!"


He left and we stayed shocked. Now, I am not exaggerating when I say that even I couldn't read that as good as that blind man did! He came there to prove us wrong, but the only thing that he proved to us is that he really is faking it.