Several years after my first Halloween handout at my condo, I was handing out candy with a friend in another city. We'd done it the previous year with costumes and/or masks and makeup, but this year we wanted to make it memorable. So we went all out with preparation. We downloaded this really hardcore Halloween music and looped it onto an iPad. One of the best parts of the music was a ghoul saying, "I will eat you."  Then we decorated the porch with hanging body parts, spider webs, bats, flashing pumpkins and other creepy stuff.The porch light was blue, which cast everything in a weird, chalky light. It was perfect!Now it was time to get ready for my I dressed all in black, wrapped a black sequinned scarf around my head, and started painting my face.But this was no ordinary face. For an hour, I created the image of a demonic Joker complete with staring black eyes and exaggerated mouth.I was quite pleased with my work. In fact, it was so repulsive I scared everyone in the house when they saw me! So now it was time to meet our trick-or-treaters. My friend and I turned off the house lights, turned on the scary music and the porch light, and waited by the door with candy ready on the table.I stood directly in front of the glass outer door so people could see me as they approached the house. I never moved, never smiled, never said a word. You should have seen the reactions!All the kids stared at me like they really had seen a ghost. Some were even too scared to approach the door.It was great. I heard some of the older kids say how "cool" I looked. The adults were also impressed, judging by their expressions. Even when the kids said "trick or treat," I never spoke a word. I just silently handed out candy without the slightest twitch on my face.Think we must have been one of the more popular stops that night because we ran out of candy early. Best Halloween handout ever!