For you cat lovers out there, I'm sure you can relate to this story. When I met my SO, he wasn’t too keen on my three cats. I remember him saying that if he were to move into my flat the cats would have to go. Of course, that was never going to happen, and his attitude changed quite dramatically when he became a slave to my ginger fur lord along with my calico and tabby fur mistresses. About a year after he moved in we decided to spend a long holiday weekend on the Isle of Wight. We figured rather than spend money to board them for three days (we left Friday and came back Monday), we’d leave enough food, water, and litter trays to see them through. What could go wrong…right…? Well, when we got back, the first thing that hit us like a sledgehammer when we walked through the door was the smell. Yes, they’d used the litter trays, but also the floor, leaving revenge boobytraps everywhere, including right where you’d step as soon as you walked through the front door. Food bowls were licked clean, probably the moment we locked the door behind us. But the worst part was the total cold shoulder we received from the cats, who gave us a “who the **** do you think you are leaving us alone like this?” look. Our fun weekend getaway was perfectly completed by lots of carpet scrubbing and open windows! Lesson to be learned…hire a cat sitter or board your fur babies when you travel!