I got lots of ideas in my head once I'm drunk, and my best friend, well at a time he was afraid of an idea of being a parent. Now, his girlfriend was not pregnant, it’s just that he realized that he would be a shitty parent who can't even take care of himself.

So we were drinking one day since morning and I got an idea to tell everyone that he is going to have a kid. He hated me, that whole day there were people coming to congratulate him thinking that he is going to become a father.

At some point, through the window of a nearby school, I saw that they are having a parents evening.

"Now mate, I need you to come with me, I have to show you something" - I said to him

"Mate, I'm drunk, I am not going anywhere!"

"Just listen to me! This is something that I have to show you."

"Alright, I'll come..."

So we stood up and somehow went to that parents evening. Now, we were drunk as shit and we barely knew what we are doing, but once that teacher came in we realized that we are stuck there with a bunch of parents and everyone knew that we doesn't belong there.

Now, whole hour come by and we were just sitting there laughing and talking about football. Teacher was talking about some kids, about their grades and everything that we were just not paying any attention to.

Once I started analyzing lives of all those parents sitting there, my best friend couldn't help himself and started laughing really loud. At that point, teacher just had to deal with us.

"Now, who are you guys exactly? I didn't happen to see you here before!" - she asked

"Well, you see, my best friend here just found out this morning that he is becoming a father, so I thought that I should bring him here to show him what kind of things is he going to do in near future!"

"Oh, I am happy to hear that he is becoming a parent, but this here is not a public meeting, so I'm afraid that I need to ask you to leave"

As we were walking out we talked about all those parents in there trying to found out which one is he going to become like. There was a funny guy and I was telling him that he is definitely going to be like him. He thought that he would be the one that was sitting behind us cause that guy really didn't care about anything that teacher said.


As we were talking, one parent was in a rush trying to find out where is that parents evening. I looked at him being late more than an hour, turned to my best friend and said "You know what? I think that this is going to be you!"