When I was younger I used to make a lot of bad decisions. I still make them, but at least the ones I make now are making some sense. Luckily for me, my friends were always there with me to do every stupid thing that we can think of.


One day we saw some closed store and one of my friends showed us a lot of old cigarette packs in there. Now, that store was closed for years, and you couldn't buy those cigarettes that we saw anymore, so that was everything we could talk about that night. When we were drunk enough, my friend started speaking.


“You know those cigarettes that we saw?”

“Yes mate, we talked about that all night…”

“I think we should steal them!” – he said

“Oh come on… We are not doing that, I’m not a thief.”

“Just think about it! Nobody would give a shit, that store is closed for years; nobody even knows that they left those cigarettes.”

“Well, yes, but what if somebody sees us?”

“Nobody will see us, it’s a middle of the night, and there is nobody that lives nearby. Let’s go, we need those cigarettes.”


Now, I’m not a thief, but I was drunk enough to become one. We were talking about that all night, but we didn't really think that we are going to actually do that. On our way home, we stopped in front of that store and realized that we just need to steal those cigarettes.


“Alright mate, I’ll break the door, you just help me take those packs of cigarettes” – my friend told me

“So we are really doing it?”

“Yes, and don’t worry, you’ll be happy tomorrow when you see what we've got!”


So we came in there, and that store was empty, there was just a box full of some old packs of cigarettes. My friend filled his bag with those cigarettes and we headed home. I went home and fell asleep as a thief that robbed an empty, closed store.


Next morning I woke up with a bad headache, feeling guilty for stealing those cigarettes. I told myself that I shouldn’t drink as I am waking up like this every morning. I looked at my phone, and my friend was calling me.


“Hi mate; do you remember what we did last night?” – he asked

“Yes you idiot, I remember, we robbed a store, that’s what we did!”

“Yeah… It was a stupid decision, right?”

“Yes it was! Every decision we make together is stupid!”

“Right… Now, you know those packs of cigarettes that we stole?”

“Yes… You opened them?”

“Well… That’s the thing… They are all empty.”



And that was it. My career as a thief was over! I just laid there in misery and waited for police to come and arrest me for stealing empty packs of cigarettes.