Me and my friends, we are doing some things that nobody can expect from a person to do. We behave badly quite a lot and sometimes people are not prepared for that. I don’t know why it is that way, but I don’t think that anyone should be ashamed to talk about everything in front of the people they don’t know.


So, one day we took a cab to take us from my house to the other side of town. We don’t do that quite often because we like to walk and we hate spending money on things that we cannot drink or eat. However, this time we were too lazy to walk so we decided to take a cab.


After a few minutes driving, something started to smell really bad. Somebody farted in that cab and my best friend turned to me and asked:


“Have you just farted in here?”

“Oh come on, you know me mate, if I did it I would be bragging this whole time, it’s not like me to let somebody else take credit if I farted. It’s you, right?” – I answered

“It’s not me mate, why would I ask if that was me? And you know how bad my fart smells, it’s nothing like this!”


That’s when we realized that there is a mystery to be solved! We asked my girlfriend and our other friend if some of them did it and they both denied. So one of them is lying, right? The investigation has begun.


“Now mate, my girlfriend is a vegetarian, they eat those healthy green stuff that grows on trees. That stuff cannot produce this kind of fart, am I right? This is one really unhealthy fart, so this alcoholic piece of shit did it!” – I said

“Well, I can say that you are right about her, vegetables cannot produce this. But this guy? Yes, he’s an alcoholic, but he’s an old man too, and he can produce only those old-man farts. You know, the ones that smell like he’s been eating some old papers and stuff.”  - he answered

“Then you are saying that one of us is lying. And I cannot agree with you, because this fart really does smell bad, but it’s not bad enough to be one of us. So it must have been him.” – I told him

“Well guys, it doesn’t really matter who did it. I’ll open some windows and it will be all gone soon. It really doesn’t matter who did it, okay?” – The cab driver said


And that’s when we realized that all that time this cab driver was keeping us uninformed that he is the one who farted. And although we made an awkward situation, my friend and I, we turned out to be great detectives after all!