Drinking with my friends can, in theory, be dangerous sometimes. We can do all sorts of bad stuff for no particular reason. For example, my little brother smashed his head with a broken bottle a few days ago. Nobody knew why he did it, but sometimes things just get ugly and violent. And you regret it tomorrow morning, but when the night comes, you’ll do something crazy again. That’s the way things are going around here.


Now, sometimes, when nothing bad is happening, you can see something dangerous out of nothing. So few years ago, we were drinking in front of some ugly store in the middle of nowhere. We were quite drunk when some random guy parked his car in front of us and told us to keep an eye on it for a moment. It was fine really; we never meant to leave that place anyway. But the whole problem started when one of my friends started talking.


“Look guys, don’t you find it a little suspicious that this random guy left his car in front of us? Why would he do that? This is not a normal situation, believe me!” – he said

“Mate, you were smoking too much, there is nothing wrong with him asking us to keep an eye on his car for a moment.” – I answered

“Really? And how can you know that? What if police is after him? We are just assuming that everything is alright but there is nothing normal with this situation!”

“Look, he’s right, just think about it. He left in hurry, he kept his engine running, what if he stole the car and now we can be responsible for that?” – one of my friends said

“Well, when you think about it, it is a little suspicious. I mean, he left his car in the middle of nowhere. Why would he ask us to keep an eye on it if there is literally nobody around to steal it?” – I said

“Maybe he did it to make sure that we are not leaving? If somebody was after him it is certainly best for us to leave this place!”

“Now, mate, I will only say this once… What if there is a bomb in this car??? We can easily die by sitting here, and if you think about it, it is a perfect reason for him to ask us to keep an eye on his car and make sure that we are not going anywhere!” – my friend said.

“Look, you’re right. This definitely doesn’t look good for us. Let’s just leave this place; I don’t wanna die in a car bomb.” – I answered



And just when we started leaving, this random dude left the store with a hand full of groceries. He looked at us with a smile and said “Hey guys, thanks for keeping an eye on my car, have a good day!” We looked each other and couldn’t believe that we honestly thought that this guy is a terrorist and that there is a bomb in his car.