When my then SO and I decided to emigrate to the US from the UK, it was a major decision that also included taking our three cats. Our fourth cat had a chronic respiratory condition, so she couldn’t get a vet’s certificate, and we had to leave her with some relatives. The transition was supposed to be a breeze. After all, we planned everything, down to the tranquilisers from the vet to give the cats to sedate for the flight. So on the day, I gave them their tablets, thinking they’d be relaxed and sleep during the journey. What could go wrong? Everything went fine until we got to the airport. We had the two, smaller females in one large carrier, while our ginger tom was in his own carrierWe were already bogged with all the luggage we had to check, plus I was carrying my desktop computer, which back then was no lightweight laptop, to be stowed on the plane. Suddenly, the chorus from hell erupted from the carriers. Why weren’t the cats relaxed? Why were they wailing? Why was my tabby hissing and attacking my doped-up calico vainly trying to defend herself but acting like she was stoned on weed? Seems the noise and chaos of the airport partly counteracted the effects of the tranquilisers, according to the vet. Needless to say I wasn’t happy to see them trundled off, and worried about them throughout the flight until we arrived and staff brought the carriers to us in the terminal. I was so happy to see the cats were okay, but those three, very pissed off felines, were NOT happy to see me. They hid at our place for days before coming out. The motto here? Make sure your pets are properly dosed, and don’t keep them together.