I’ve always been an animal lover, and have been considered by many as a fur parent. At first, it used to be only cats, but after moving back to the US, I evolved from being a cat fur mother to the female version of Dr. Doolittle. It never started off that way, but I soon discovered that I was a walking animal magnet. Strays and waifs magically found their way to me, whether it was the lost rabbit chowing down on the neighbor’s lawn, the sad-looking stray cat hanging around the yard, or a hatchling finch abandoned by its parents. I adopted a depressed cockatiel mourning his lost mate and paired him with a female. Even when I took one of the critters to the vet, I always seemed to be the one to encounter the cute kittens that needed adoption or a guinea pig that needed a home (which came with two doves). So…the family grew beyond seven cats. The finch, along with his parents, became a colony of thirty that needed an outdoor hutch. The guinea pigs grew from two to ten after my makeshift hutch barrier failed to prevent a wayward male from having his way. Rabbit rescue eventually morphed into seven, goldfish rescue evolved into fifteen, and add a couple turtles, hamsters, and mice to the mix. You should have heard the chorus of squeaks, squawks, meows, and chirps when it was chow time! After all these years, there’s only one cockatiel and turtle left, but I really did enjoy my stint as Ms. Doolittle!