Who knew the horrors that lurk in your own bathroom? I had no clue that the shower head, one of those nice massagers with different strengths, was leaking from the joint and squirting straight up to the ceiling in an arc. Of course, ​it was the day I decided to do girl shaving, so the water was running longer than usual. When I finished and opened the shower door, I was shocked to find it literally raining from the ceiling. Everything was soaked, from the light fixture, the mirror, the counter, the cabinets, the floor...everything was dripping! But it wasn't until I threw my towel on the floor that I realized my clothes were not just wet, but saturated. I had to get into soggy slippers and peak out the door to make sure the door was open before I streaked (literally) to my room to get dry clothes. Keep in mind that I was staying with people. It wasn't my house so I couldn’t really walk around in my glory. I was lucky I didn't get caught! Don't even ask me how long it took me to dry everything off to erase evidence of the mishap!