Two of my friends and I, we had a rough period not so long ago. Our hearts were broken as we all broke up with our girlfriends. Somehow, every single one of them was going to art school, and because of that, we started our new philosophy. At first, it was just a few rules, it was forbidden for us to date any girl from art school and even to hang out with those people.


After our brains fell apart, and we couldn’t live without alcohol, we started blaming people from art school for all our problems. We hated everything about them and we started spreading our philosophy. We used to hang out in some old, abandoned army building, drinking all the time and listening to quite destructive music.


We realized that we are in war, we hated society, but more than that, we hated people from art school. Although bunch of them were hanging out with us, we chose to go into imaginary war with them. We made a few bands, and all song that we wrote were about how much we hate people for art school.


It didn’t took us long to become ‘popular’ when it comes to music. We were crazy at a time, always drunk and acting like animals. People were coming to our gigs as they wanted to see people fighting each other, getting naked on a stage and singing songs against people from art school.


Now, all that happened just because few girls left us, but we were out of control. Our philosophy was out there, and more and more people started to hate everyone that goes to art school. We thought that we our winning the ‘war’ and that nobody can stop us from doing what we do.



At some point, we realized that almost everyone who comes to our gigs goes to art school. We were quite popular out there and we were everything they talked about in art school. At that point, we gave up, we couldn’t fight them anymore. We thought that by singing how much we hate them, we are going to win, turned out that they hate themselves more that we hated them at a first place. After all, we were just frustrated cause our girlfriends left us.