Away days are always fun, and my friend, he had a luck that his club owners were paying the bus for all the away fans. It's a smaller club, so not a lot of people are going to away games, but those that are going are all quite insane.


In the beginning they were acting normal, they were traveling for free so they knew to respect that. However, after a little bit of time, they started doing all sorts of crazy things. They were always drunk and used to get naked on the bus. They stopped the bus every now and then to go stealing drinks from some small drink stores. Usually it was just a few beers, but there were times when they were stealing quite more.


One time they were all too drunk and high to even think what they are doing. They realized that they just need to steal something as they were bored in the bus. Driver refused to stop, but they convinced him that there will be no stealing. To be sure that they are telling the truth, driver stop in front of some big supermarket as he thought that they are not stupid enough to steal from there.


He was wrong! It’s not only that they were stupid enough to do it, they were drunk and high too, so they’ve stole everything they could. The bus was full of stolen stuff and it didn’t took long for police to come. They have found a hundred chocolates and too many bottles of whiskey. Few people ended up arrested and driver almost ended up arrested too.



When they arrived to the game, owner of the club told them that from now on, they are coming to the games on their own. What he didn’t know is that my friend is an admin of clubs facebook page. He wrote a statement in which he said that owner has suddenly died on his way to the game. Everyone was shocked; newspapers were spreading the news about his death, on local TV station they said that the owner of the club has died on his way to the game. It was hilarious; his daughters were threatening to sue my friend for lying, but it wasn’t the official page, so he can write whatever he wants. An although my friend later said on facebook that clubs owner is not really dead, for some reason he never paid them away trips again.