Hissy another stray cat that found her way into my heart and into my home. She may not have been that large, but what she lacked in size, she compensated for in ferocity. Thus was borne, the “Hissinator”. Hissy showed up back when I had my outdoor hutches. I noticed her on the wall one day checking out my fur critters. Of course, being the animal magnet that I was, I figured she showed up on my turf for a reason. But she was skittish whenever I approached, so she was either a feral or had been mistreated. I started leaving food out, and each day moved the food closer to the front door. Finally, I was able to catch her and get her into a carrier positioned nearby. It was a moment she never let us forget for the 12 years we had her as an indoor cat. Heaven help us if we needed to take her to the vet. Between her teeth and claws, Hissy was a feline office shredder. My ex and I had to wear heavy duty work gloves to grab her or we would have needed stitches. She hissed, spat, and fought like she was possessed, and our poor vet bore the brunt of her non-user friendly attitude. Every time we got on her bad side, she’d hide for days. She eventually “forgave” us by allowing to pet her, but nothing more. Yet despite her crankiness, we really loved the “Hissinator”.