Living in the desert has an appeal unlike any other environment. The scorched beauty of stark landscapes and surreal sunsets, the serenade of coyotes, and most of all, the adorable Antelope ground squirrels. For the longest time I thought they were chipmunks, but these cute critters are actually small squirrels with faces that say, “Feed me!” And feed them I did, until their little cheeks bulged with as much seed, peanuts, and other goodies they could cram into their faces. But there was one little fellow (I assume so judging by his impressive package), who actually became a pseudo-pet. Gannit (meaning someone who’s always eating) delighted me with his antics. He was fearless, and soon became so used to me I could lure him into the garage with a tempting trail of peanuts. He’d pause, twitch his fuzzy tail, rise on his hind legs, and check me out before gorging himself and scampering off to hide his bounty in his lair. He never tolerated interlopers, and chased away the other squirrels from his territory. Sometimes he’d just hang out and lay on the patio in a funky spread out flying squirrel pose. I loved that little guy, and always looked forward to seeing him. Then one day I noticed he didn’t come around anymore. Since their lifespans run 2-4 years, I realized sadly that he’d gone to that great feeding ground in the sky. However, his descendants still rule his domain to this day.