Now, I don't know anything about cars. I never wanted to have one as I drink a lot and there is no way that someone would convince me not to drive when I'm drunk. I would probably kill someone and go to jail, and let me tell you something, I really don’t wanna go to jail. However, I always loved to drive around with one of my friends. He is really nervous and he is quite a bad driver.


So, me and my best friend, we loved to drive with that guy, and he hated us. We were making fun of him and we were quite a distraction. One day, he was driving us to some funeral and we had to get there on time. The whole time we were laughing, I don’t know anything about cars but it was funny to watch him as even I could’ve see how bad of a driver he is.


At some point, he started sweating; he didn’t know if he should go right or left. We started laughing and then he crashed his car in some tree between those two streets. It was hilarious; he went out of his car, grabbed us and pulled us out of there. He started yelling and telling us that we are never getting into his car again. We couldn’t care less as we couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that he crashed his car into a tree.


Later that day, we went out and all the experts were already drinking and arguing if he should’ve go left or right. To me, it wasn’t important, he did exactly what I wanted him to do, but they wanted to figure it out. I don’t like it when people talk about cars, it gets annoying as everyone sticks to their own opinion. It only gets louder with a few more beers and that’s exactly what happened. At some point I couldn’t listen to them anymore so I suggested that we should go to that street and see if the next guy will turn left or right.


So we went there and we were waiting for the next car to arrive. It was freezing and nobody was driving through that street. They were loud again and I was drinking just not to listen to their stories. Finally, there was a car; they all started yelling “You’ll see now, he will certainly go right!” “No mate, he is going left for sure!” I was waiting in silence, and that guy suddenly did what nobody expected him to do, he crashed his car into that same damn tree.