It started as a business trip that would cover several states over a period of a few weeks. My business partner and I knew we were in for at least nine hours of driving, but we expected to be in New York before it got very late. We were maybe thirty minutes from the Big Apple when I woke up around 1am and noticed lights ahead of us. There wasn’t much traffic except for a semi ahead of us that we passed. I glanced briefly at the driver and remember that he had dark hair, but other than that I didn’t pay much attention to him. We had barely gotten half a mile ahead of him when he suddenly sped up and started chasing us. We didn’t cut him off or do anything beyond signal and pass him, so we sped up to avoid him. Whenever we changed lanes, and every time we thought we lost the semi, there he was, like that maniacal tank driver in the film, “Duel”.  I called 911 and reported the incident. I remember the dispatcher’s laid back response to our situation by saying, “Welcome to New York”. The dispatcher suggested we get off the freeway to avoid him, but there was no way that was going to happen in an unfamiliar area. Fortunately, we approached a junction to another freeway, and when we transitioned west, the truck driver continued. We’d played cat and mouse for maybe twenty minutes, but that was the longest twenty minutes ever! Drag racing late at night with a semi certainly didn’t fit into my expectations of seeing the Big Apple!