I love music festivals. I usually get quite drunk and next day I wake up full of regret. Few years ago, me and my friend were going to some smaller punk rock festival, it’s in some small town and we always loved to go there. We took a train and we started drinking early in the morning.


When we came there it was fantastic, I never saw more alcohol in my whole life. We were already quite drunk, but there was beer coming from everywhere. I was mixing some cheap wine with beer and whiskey, cause my best friend told me that I will became “Tesla's Egg” if I do that. I never knew what that meant, but I didn’t wanna ask him cause I didn’t wanna hear some stupid explanation from him.


So the party started, we were drunk and we were trying to find a way not to pay the tickets for this festival. First we tried to find some way around the fence so we can get in, but when we realized that there is no other way in; we thought that jumping over the fence will be quite unnoticeable. My best friend jumped first then security came and took him away.


We paid our tickets cause we had money and we really had no reason to jump over the fence cause tickets were actually quite cheap. We were too drunk to do anything normal, but security kept us in because we were the only ones who actually knew the lyrics of the songs.


On our way back, we were hoping to catch the last train to our city. We were starving, but we spent all our money on alcohol so we had to drink instead while we were waiting for a train to come. It was quite late and we were all tired, so we started sleeping on a train station. My best friend went to some random people on the other side of station to ask them to take away his sister, he was giving them an oven if they take her, but they were not interested.


At some point, somebody woke me up, the train was there. We went in, all in rush, cause we were sleeping and we almost missed it. I had a really bad hangover, and I thought that nothing can cheer me up. I was wrong! When our train started moving, I saw my best friend outside, he was sleeping on the floor at the other end of the train station.