There's a million stories from my school days, but there is only one that I, for some reason, like to share. Others make me feel ashamed, cause they’re funny to other people, but for me they are just painful memories. But back in the days I used to do a lot of crazy stuff with my mates and we were somehow getting into trouble all the time.


I was never going to classes too much. It was easier to stay outside with my friends and talk about the same things over and over again. It was all about football, sex and booze, so these conversations started to get boring for other people and they’ve started to attend classes more often.


One day, there was only me and my best friend. We’ve got high and we realized that nothing is that funny when we are alone. “It’s okay” – I told him – “We should try to go to class too!” So we bought a little bit of food, cause we were too high not to eat, and we headed to the classroom. The problem was, what classroom should we go to?


We had no idea where to go, so we found an empty classroom as we really needed to sit down and eat. At some point we forgot where we are, so my friend suggested that we should throw all the chairs all over the room. Now, I’m the reasonable men, and any reasonable men will tell you that this is an amazing idea.


So we started to throw those chairs all over the room, but we never knew that under that classroom was principal’s office. Now, we were quite loud, as we were throwing chairs all over the room, and then the principal came. He started yelling at us and telling us that we have no idea how unpleasant that sound is. He told us to go to his office immediately.


We went down quite scared and that’s when he started throwing those chairs. It was loud and unpleasant; we could hear that sound all over the school. Our math teacher went in and asked us what that sound is? I turned to her and said “Oh it’s nothing… It’s just principal throwing chairs all over the classroom above.” She started yelling at me for acting childish, and in that moment principal came in. He was really mad and through hysteric smile he asked us: “Does it sound nice??? Does it sounds good when I throw chairs all over the classroom???”