Well, it is kind of hard when you have to live with a broken heart, but for an idiot like me, it is even harder. And I'm not saying that my problems are bigger than anyone else's, I just don't deal with them. Even worse, I feed them, with alcohol, cigarettes and misery. 

It was back in time when I fell in love with some random girl whom I thought was the love of my life. I'll spare you the story, she wasn't. And once I realized that, I started to drink and live like an animal.

Actually, I didn’t. Animals do have some dignity, and I didn't. I was just making myself an idiot every day of my life.

Since some of my friends were going through the same thing, I even had a backup to make all that madness even worse.

One of those nights I was out there drinking with my friends. And as always, we were so drunk that we even had a hard times remembering things from our past. But sadly, I had to remember the girl that I had a crush on for a very long time.

I never really had a contact with that girl before, and now I was convinced by my friends to ask her out. I didn't have a problem with that, since I needed a girlfriend and I obviously didn’t know how to live by myself.

I sent her a message on facebook, and she answered me straight away. She said that she would love to go out for a drink with me, and that she is free tomorrow. The game was on.

Next day I woke up pretty late. I went out with my friends for a few drinks, just to relax and talk to them.

"What if something goes wrong?" - I asked them.

"Nothing can go wrong mate. You've been through this a million times before. Just relax" - my friend answered.

"Yeah, I've been through this. And every time it went wrong somehow."

"Yes, it went wrong, but it was never your fault."

"What are you talking about; we know each other for years now. It was always my fault" - I told him.

"Well yes, but you learn from experience. That is just the kind of men you are."

The thing is, I never learn anything from experience. I'm just like some dumb monkey. You can hit me a hundred times when I reach out for beer, and I will do it again. That is the kind of men that I actually am.

So I said goodbye to my friends and borrowed some money for that drinks I needed to buy. I went to the place where I was supposed to meet her, and she was already there.

She was just sitting there with a coke in her hand, while I was coming with five beers, three wines, and a bottle of whiskey just in case. I really misjudged what she meant by saying that she wants to have a drink with me.

I don't know if first impression scared her, or she was just shy, but she was really quiet all night. I had to drink everything by myself and even do the talking which was a harder part.

But once it was enough she got to drag me home since I was in no condition to walk. She left me on my doorstep and didn't even say goodbye.

Next day my phone woke me up and it was one of my best friends calling me:

"Hey mate, how are you? How was your date???"

"Well, let's just say that she is not my type of girl anymore."


And that is how it all ended up. I had another great night drinking, and she probably had a worst date in her life. I guess I’m a winner after all.