While my then-boyfriend and I were living in our rundown house of horrors in Essex, we tried to be out as much as possible because of the less-than-wonderful living conditions. One time, a friend of my boyfriend invited him and me to a fancy dress party with the theme, "Vamps and Tramps". I thought it would be fun since I always enjoyed dressing up, so we decided to go. The party was at his friend's house, and since we didn't have a car, we'd have to take the bus there. No big deal, since he didn't live that far away. So the evening of the party came and we got ready. My boyfriend found some raggedy clothes (no biggie considering how he used to dress), so all he had to do was mark up his face to look like he hadn't shaven, mess up his hair, and just look like he'd woken up on a park bench.. Now I decided to take my look to the next level as I was going as a vampire, one of my favorite supernatural creatures and secret alter ego. So I got into a slinky black, one-shouldered dress with a slit up to the yang. Next, I whitened my skin to channel that attractive undead look. I followed with lots of black eye makeup and fearsome red lips and nails to make myself as scary as possible. It was a look I was pretty damn proud of (and still have photo)!. Now I knew the bus ride was going to be interesting when my boyfriend and I boarded, but since you sometimes saw skinheads and other interesting types riding the bus, we didn't get more than the usual amount of stares. Only when we got off at our stop and walked to the house did I notice something odd about the other partygoers. Oh well, I thought, everyone had their own interpretation of a vampire...until we walked into the house. I was the only undead present, and I felt the heat of everyone's stares as strongly as if I'd really been a vampire snared by the rays of the rising sun. What I didn't realize, nor my clueless boyfriend, apparently, was that "Tramps and Vamps" meant tramps and flappers, not tramps and vampires. Fortunately, I overcame my acute embarrassment to actually have an enjoyable evening without even drinking a drop of blood!