I love getting invited to weddings. Free food, free drinks and free entertainment – what’s not to love? 

When my friend invited me to her Aunt’s wedding I was so excited. I went out and bought a new dress, shoes and bag just for the occasion.  Every time we saw each other, we couldn’t stop talking about how excited we were.

Fast-forward to the day of the wedding and things are already not going to plan. 

My friend who had put on a little bit of weight recently discovered that her dress didn’t fit her. 

Even with my help, the zip at the back of the dress would not budge.  It wasn’t good.

So, with only a few hours before the wedding  we’re shopping for a new dress which ends up taking a lot longer than planned.

Eventually, she finds a dress that she’s happy with but it doesn’t leave us much time to get to the church. 

While my friend is putting her shoes on she calls over her shoulder, “what’s the time?” 

“It’s 12:30.” 

“And what time do we have to get there for?”

“Half 1.”

“You’re joking!” 

“Taxi should be here in 15 minutes. Hurry up!” 

We bundled into the taxi with about 45 minutes to get to the church which seemed unrealistic. There’s no way we would be getting there on time. 

As predicted, we got to the church 15 minutes late and everyone’s heads turned when we walked in. 

Even though we quickly and quietly found somewhere to sit, we still felt uncomfortable with everyone looking at us. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

On the plus side, the food was great and there was a buffet served after so I ended up eating more than I should have. 

My friend drank way more than she ate so while everyone was dancing, she had her head planted on the table. 

Still, I was genuinely having a good time and I didn’t want the night to end. 

Towards the end of the night, my friend sobered up a little bit and decided to go over and apologise to the bride for turning up late.

I told her I didn’t think it was a good idea. 

“Just let it go, I’m sure she doesn’t care.”

“But I feel terrible, so we should at least explain why we were so late.” 

She stumbles over to the bride with a glass of red wine in her hand and starts apologising repeatedly.

The bride doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  As my friend starts trembling, the bride reaches out to stop her from falling over.

At this point, there’s a crowd watching them. 

It almost happens in slow motion but we probably all predicated it happening. The bride who was wearing a beautiful white dress now has a red wine-stained dress. 

The night ended with the bride in tears, a confused groom, and my friend in hysterics. 

Still, the food was good.