Almost every man was sometimes sexually attracted to some of his teachers. It just happens, and you can't blame yourself.

Now, we all know how that goes. When you're a kid, and you think you're a man, you are going to talk about that kind of stuff with your mates all day long.

We were basically bunch of losers at a time. Every day we were hanging out in front of some store because they were selling cheap beer and that was all we needed. It was an ordinary, family store where people were going to buy groceries and stuff that they need for their everyday life. We were just a disgusting scene that goes along with those kinds of places.

One of our friends talked about our math teacher all the time. Now, she was a good looking woman. She was a lot younger than all of our other teachers and, well, there was just something that he found very attractive in her.

We were talking about everyone; it was our way to pass the time. When you are a drunken kid that really doesn’t have any real experience in life, you are going to pretend that you have it. Because you are not going to accept the fact that you are just a goddamn loser and moron.

So yes, we acted like we know everything. Every girl that we knew was just a subject to talk about. In front of that store, we were gods in our eyes. We would say anything and no one would give a shit.

One day we were just hanging out as always, drinking beer and talking about girls.

"Let’s talk about our teachers!" - my friend said

And that’s when I saw her. Our math teacher was standing right behind him with her child, picking some vegetables and minding her own business.

"Oh mate, I would bang that math teacher every day!" - he started yelling

"Mate, quiet down please..." - I tried to stop him

"Quiet down??? How can you say that? You saw her talking to me! She wants me, she wants my body!" - he continued

"Can you please not talk about that anymore?"

"Are you crazy? I would bang her mate, I would totally bang her! Hell, I would even do threesome with her and her husband if that’s what she wants!"

"She doesn't want that, just stop talking!"

"I can't stop talk about her. I can't stop thinking about her! I want her body so badly and you can see that she wants me too!"

"Stop talking, she's standing right behind you mate!"


And he finally stopped. He didn't say a word till the end of the night. He was just looking at the ground while we were making fun of him.