We've seen all the movies...we've heard all the stories...but Ouija boards are the real deal? Come on...Or so I thought. Back in the eighth grade I hung out with a friend who had a Ouija board. You always found them in the game aisles of toy stores, so it seemed like something fun to do. One day I was hanging out at her house. We were in her room and by ourselves, so we decided to play. It was something different. What could it hurt?We placed our fingers on the planchette and asked the usual questions thirteen-year-old girls tend to ask, mostly about the cute boys in class, who's going to the school dance, stuff like that. Nothing unusual. Right?But nothing happened. We were beginning to think the game was a waste of time until my friend asked one more question. Suddenly, the planchette moved. But it didn't just move...it actually hovered above the board toward the letters. Of course we each thought the other was pushing it and we started accusing each other of doing so, but neither of us were...or could be considering the planchette was skimming the board...by itself.We got really scared. This wasn't a game anymore. We pulled our hands away from the planchette and it sat on the board. Neither of us knew what to say.We couldn't explain what happened. It really disturbing us, but we didn't want to talk about what was supposed to have been just a game.I never went near a Ouija board again after that. I didn't even talk about the experience for years until I experienced a couple of other occurrences as an adult and realized my friend and I had been pretty lucky that day not to have opened some kind of gateway. Lesson learned! Playing with a Ouija board isn't a game.